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..:The Rotting Christ:..

"How do you follow up your first awful demo? Make the next one twice as sick. That was the thought behind The Rotting Christ demo. Almost two years had
passed and we wanted to do a fallow up recording. Jer had moved away and Greg and I were left with the task of coming up with some more tracks.
In the interim I had met with Jer and we wrote a few riffs but nothing solid so lacking in any musical knowledge I set out to complete a few new songs.
I was living at college at the time and my roomate was a fan of early heavy metal (Exodus, Slayer, Metallica).
I passed around some ideas to him and he (Rick Rancid) agreed to play guitar. We still needed a drummer and John Sinko from Chaotic Plague offered up his skills.
We passed tapes back and forth through the mail but we never played together until the day we recorded this demo in Rick Rancids garage on a Tascam 4-track.
With all of the music laid down we needed Greg to track his vocals. Somewhere between recording the music and Greg laying down his vocals something
happened. We are still not sure but the end result was one of the sickest and heaviest demos I have ever heard ? The Rotting Christ ? features unparalleled
fury and aggression. No one was prepared for this demo and to this day it remains a favorite of the NunSlaughter hordes"

July 09th, 2004: 7EP Black
"Hells Headbangers Records"
July 09th, 2004: 7EP Picture Disc
"Hells Headbangers Records"

May 10th, 2006: 3inch CD Tin Box
"Ecocentric Records"

Collector NunSlaughter

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