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"The "Ritual Of Darkness" demo ... This is where it all began. Greg, Jer and I were living in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and we were about the only people into
death metal in this area. We decided to bring this new form of music to the people of our hometown and we began what would later become NunSlaughter.
Jer and I played in a band before called Death Sentence but Greg was new to making metal.
Jer was in Bird of Prey at this time so we used their rehearsal spot of practice and write music. Jer was a bit of a musical prodigy at 15 and after only a few practices
we had our first tour songs. Now at this age we did not have any cash for a studio so a guy from down the street offered to record us in this garage for free.
We had I mixing board and 2 tape decks for studio equipment. The recording came out a bit rough and the songs had a different sound but we were proud.
Without any art skills I whipped up a cover and logo for our first demo and we look them to our local metal store. Pittsburg had many quality bands at the time
Dream Death, Doom watch, Bird of Prey, Castle Blood, Necropolis, Half-Life so we were considered amateurs playing very poor quality metal? Everyone hated "Ritual of Darkness"
so we figured it must be good... right? This demo has been traded and bootlegged all over the world so I am proud to present it in its most pristine form.
This is demo that started it all."

1989-1990: 7EP Black "Bootleg"
"Black Vomit Records"
March 23rd, 2004: 7EP Picture Disc
"Hells Headbangers Records"

April 09th, 2004: 7EP Black
"Hells Headbangers Records"
2005: Tapes
"Death Division Rituals"

Collector NunSlaughter

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