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..:All Of The Dead:..


CD, Limited Edition.

- DATE -

July 10th, 2008.




01-My Evil Concubine.
02-Riders Of The Apocalypse.
03-Power Of Darkness.
04-As The Cacodemons Feast.
05-Angel Hunt.
06-The Sephiroth.
07-Jesus Is Doomed.
08-Inverted Churches.
09-Blood For Blood.
10-Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death.
11-Altar Of The Dead.
12-How I Want To Die.
13-Satans Blood.
14-Your Lord Deformed.
16-Unclaimed Cadaver.
17-Burn The Cross.
18-All Of The Dead.
20-Church Bizarre / Death By The Dead / She Lives By Night / Midnight Mass.
21-I Am Death.
23-Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death.

- NOTE -

Tracks 1-3 from "Hex" 2007.
Tracks 4-7 from Goat" 2003.
Tracks 8-11 from "Hells Unholy Fire" 2000.
Track 12 from split 7" w/ Brody's Militia 2006.
Tracks 13-14 from "Fuck the God in Heaven" MLP 2006.
Tracks 15-16 from "Christmassacre" MLP 2004.
Tracks 17-18 from "Burn the Cross" 7" 2004.
Track 19 from split 7" w/ Krieg 2004.
Track 20 - live in Oslo, 15.07.2007.
Track 21 from the "Ritual of Darkness" demo 1987.
Track 22 from the "Rotting Christ" demo 1989.
Track 23 from the "Impale The Soul..." demo 1991.

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