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..:Waiting To Kill Christ:..


Recorded on July 2nd, 2001, At Mother Mary's Vagina Rehearsal Studio, In Cleveland, Ohio.
Mastered By Robb Carlyon At Aloha Sound Studios In Honolulu, Hawaii.

Drawings: Scott Stearn

Don Of The Dead - Stab. // Sadist - Lacerate. // Duaniac - Cut. // Grim - Sever.

- FORMAT - Tapes White
- DATE - January 1st, 2024
- LIMITED - 150 Copies
- LABEL - Final Punishment Records (Netherlands)
- NOTE - #

Side A:

A1 - The Dead Plague.
A2 - Midnight Mass.
A3 - Death By The Dead.
A4 - In The Graveyard.
A5 - Torment.
A6 - I Saw Your God Die.
A7 - Power Of Darkness.
A8 - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest.
A9 - Altar Of The Dead.
A10 - The Fucking Witch.
A11 - Fire.
A12 - NunSlaughter.
A13 - Bring Me The Head Of God.

Side B:

B1-1 - If The Dead Could Speak.
B1-2 - Devil Metal.
B2 - It Is I.
B3 - Black Horn Of The Ram.
B4 - As The Cacodemons Feast.
B5 - Your Lord Deformed.
B6 - Atheist Ways.
B7 - Killed By The Cross.
B8 - Church Bizarre.
B9 - Emperor In Hell.
B10 - I.N.R.I.
B11 - Burn In Hell.

Collector NunSlaughter

..:Differents Formats:..

2001Tapes 113Demo (Different Covers)
"Rancor Records"
2001Tapes 113Demo (Different Covers)
"Rancor Records"
20022xLP 300Black
"From Beyond Productions"
20022xLP 300Black, Signed
"From Beyond Productions"
20022xLP 200White
"From Beyond Productions"
2002CD 1000#
"From Beyond Productions"
2002CD 1000#
"From Beyond Productions"
2007Tapes #Black
"Diabolical Constellation / Final Punishment Records"
January 1st, 2024Tapes 150White
"Final Punishment Records"
Collector NunSlaughter

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