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Live in Paris 2009

2009/03/21 - PARIS - LA MIROITERIE

Line Up:

Don Of The Dead - Vocals.
Reaper - Bass.
Zack Massacre - Guitar.
Jim Sadist - Drums.


01-Emperor In Hell.
02-Death By The Dead.
03-Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest.
04-Blood For Blood.
05-Midnight Mass.
06-The Fucking Witch.
07-As The Cacodemons Feast.
08-Killed By The Cross.
09-Cryptic Aeon.
10-Power Of Darkness.
12-Raid The Convent.
13-Sacrificial Zombie.
14-Satanic Slut.
15-Black Horn Of The Ram.
16-Atheist Ways.
17-I Am Death.
18-Smell The Burning Churches.
19-Church Bizarre.

NOTE: The song ‘HEX’ is especially dedicated to me (for my birthday). Thank You Very Much NunSlaughter for the great moment.

Videos (Filmed by me): Here

Emperor In Hell
Obsessed With The Vision Of A Satanic Priest
Church Bizarre

Collector NunSlaughter

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