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..:Angelic Dread:..

Housed in a gatefold jacket.
All songs written by NunSlaughter. Produced by NunSlaughter.
Engineered and Mastered by Noah Buchanan.

Cover Art by George Higham.
Layout & Design by Eric Horrorval.
Additional Art by Elias Aquino.

Don Of The Dead - Vocals. // Jim Sadist - Drums. // Zack Massacre - Bass / Guitar.

NUNSLAUGHTER's classic 2014 album, Angelic Dread, is back with another long-awaited vinyl repress! At the time, it was the band's first full-length studio album in seven years (and fourth overall) - "highly anticipated" then, and heavily cherished now. And for good reason: Angelic Dread was the fullest, fiercest realization of the eternal NUNSLAUGHTER aesthetic. "Devil Metal" to the bitter and bloody end, the quartet - helmed, since the beginning, by frontman Don of the Dead - create concise, catchy, and caustic anthems to anti-religion and supernatural horror, combining the best and most belligerent elements of death metal and hardcore punk. Then and now, it's no wonder that NUNSLAUGHTER have a diehard cult following around the world, all of whom consume the band's seemingly endless tornado of vinyl releases. But on Angelic Dread, the band delivered 15 of their most potent tracks ever, all (then-)fresh cuts, and rendered them in a production that's rounded yet absolutely ripping. Many of those diehards worship the band's short-length releases, but NUNSLAUGHTER are still skilled at delivering full-length statements worth reckoning, and nearly ten years later, Angelic Dread stands strong!

- FORMAT - LP Black
- DATE - October 12th, 2023
- LIMITED - 298 Copies
- LABEL - Hells Headbangers Records (United States)
- CATALOG # - HELLS LP 127(R1)-cr1
- NOTE - #
- FORMAT - LP Brown w/ Black Spinner & Grey Splatter
- DATE - October 12th, 2023
- LIMITED - 475 Copies
- LABEL - Hells Headbangers Records (United States)
- CATALOG # - HELLS LP 127(R1)-cr456
- NOTE - #
- FORMAT - LP Gold
- DATE - October 25th, 2023
- LIMITED - 197 Copies
- LABEL - Hells Headbangers Records (United States)
- CATALOG # - HELLS LP 127gold
- NOTE - Osmose Productions Exclusive, w/ Insert.

Side A:

A1 - Angelic Dread.
A2 - Looking Into The Abyss.
A3 - Twisted Spirit.
A4 - Crush The Guff.
A5 - Inner Beast.
A6 - The Lycanthrope.
A7 - Blood Drinker.
A8 - God.

Side B:

B1 - Doomtown.
B2 - Don't Mourn For Me.
B3 - Infested.
B4 - Coffins And Crosses.
B5 - Three Nails, One Liar.
B6 - One Bad Bitch.
B7 - Death Beyond The Gallows.

Collector NunSlaughter

..:Differents Formats:..

June 24th, 20142xCD ##
"Hells Headbangers Records"
August, 20142xLP #Black
"Hells Headbangers Records"
August, 20142xLP #Colored
"Hells Headbangers Records"
August, 20142xLP 111Picture Disc
"Hells Headbangers Records"
August, 20142xLP 100Colored (German Edition)
"Hells Headbangers Records"
August, 20142xLP 100White (Japanese Edition)
"Hells Headbangers Records"
August 20th, 2014Tapes #Black
"Hells Headbangers Records"
July 27th, 2021CD 500#
"Fatalism Musickness"
July 27th, 2021Tapes 100Black
"Fatalism Musickness"
December 9th, 2022Tapes #Silver
"NunSlaughter Records"
October 12th, 2023LP 298Black
"Hells Headbangers Records"
October 12th, 2023LP 475Brown w/ Black Spinner & Grey Splatter
"Hells Headbangers Records"
October 25th, 2023LP 197Gold
"Hells Headbangers Records"
(Osmose Productions Exclusive)
Collector NunSlaughter

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