You Say My Name

Pentagram Stays Unbroken And All Of Our Hands Are Clutched
And The Fire Dances In The Moonlight

Sacrifice This Moaning Virgin And Drink The Chalice Of Blood
It's Likely We Will Find The Answer Tonight

You Say My Name

Summon Diabolis The Wretched Creature Of Horror
The One That Drives Me To This Sick Repulsion

Fright And Dread Fill The Pit Of Your Quivering Soul
Trepidation Doubt And Revulsion

You Say My Name

Wicked One
Dark One
Prince Of Darkness
The Great Dragon
The Old Serpent

Omnipotent And Foreboding My Presence A Must
For I Can Fulfill Your Deep Desire
Existence Without Regret Exuding Sinful Lust
Trading Heaven For Hells Unholy Fire