So It Is Done (Acheron Cover)

Homage Now Has Been Made
To The Lord Of Fire.
Worship Of The Chosen One,
Not Christ The Liar.
Baptized In The Flames Of Hell
To Receive The Seal.
Following The Left Hand Path,
Laws That Are Real.

Unholy Blessings Are Received
From The Sacred Rites.
Servants Unto Lucifer Performed
Their Evil Plights.

The Coven Sword To Abide
The Ruler Of Hell.
Unknown Magick Has Been Cast
With An Ancient Spell.

Final Words Are Now Said
To End The Mass.
Thirteen Sounds Of The Bell
Showing It To Pass.
As The Misty Night Begins
To Greet The Sun
Hail Satan, Shemhamforash,
So It Is Done!

So It Is Done!

# European Excommunication Tour 2009 (2009) #