Reaper (Bathory Cover)

I Close Your Eyes
And Send You Into Vainly Dreams
I Reign Your Soul
The Night Engulf Your Painful Screams

I Watch You Cry And
Twist Your Soul In Agony
No Prayers Can Save You Now
From Hell In Eternity

I Devastate Your Soul
And Lacerate Your Mind
In Sin I Sanctify My
Sword To Crush Your Spine

[I'm The] Reaper
You're Too Confused
You Can't Elude My Misty Eyes
No Need To Hang On
To Your Faith In Love And Life

Whatever I Command
Your Soul Obeys My Needs
You're Like A Zombie Now
With A Soul That Burns And Bleeds

There's Not Much Left Of You
Your Soul Belongs To Me
Nothing Can Save You Now
Or Set Your Spirit Free

[I'm The] Reaper

[Coming To Take You]

I Love The Sight Of Having You
Down And Open Wide
The Smell Of A Dead Woman's Flesh
Just Drives Me Fucking Wild

I Have To Got You In My Grasp Now
There Is No Need To Escape
I'll Penetrate You
Every Virgin Needs A Rape

Just When You Think You Have
Gone Through All That Gives You Pain
I'm Coming Back To You
To Penetrate Again

[I'm The Reaper]

# Nordic Nightmare Tour 2007 (2007) #