On The Icy Plains I Die
(Gravewürm Cover)

Born Into This World Of Death
Feasting On The Fallen Ones
Living Only To Kill Again
Why Must I Keep Doing This

Traveling Throughout These Treacherous Lands
Only To Find Another Victim
I Must Fill My Insatiable Lust
Another One Dies Tonight

Death Comes To All Of Them
I Must See To Their Demise
Downfall Comes To All Of Man
Their Hour Of Death Is Now At Hand

Why Must I Keep On Killing Why Must I Be The One
I Take Their Only Life I Need To See Their Blood

I Have Lived For Many Years
I've Killed All Who Came My Way
Now I Dwell Where There's No Life
On The Icy Plains I Die
I Die I Die On The Icy Plains I Die I Die

# Split w/ GRAVEWÜRM (2007) #