Murder By The Stake

I Will Start To Kill
Before You Run And Hide
It Is My Destiny To Kill All Your Kind
Lying In Your Coffin
Awaiting The Cold Night
I Begin The Hunt And You Begin The Flight
This Is My Mission
To Wipe You From The Earth
When You Die You'll Go To Hell And Witness
Your Rebirth
All The Flying Dead
And The Corpses That You Make
I Will Slay You Its Murder By The Stake

I Begin Hunting At Dawn For These Lustfull Fiend
I Keep My Cross In My Hand And My Stake By My Side

Back In The Lair
You Arg In The Ground
Unseen In Earth You Never Make A Sound
Fever Of The Dead
Drunk On The Blood
Vamp Bite The Neck And Call It Undead Love
The Fangs Of Death
Bite Into The Skin
Unholy Legion That Is Hell Bent On Sin
Now You Start To Fade
Remorse For What You Take
I Drive It In Its Murder By The Stake

# Split w/ DERKETA (1999) #