All The Bodies Turn To Liquid 'neath The Subsoil Dust
Guts And Bones And Brains And Blood They Will Turn To Mush
Roots Will Grow And Break The Skin Chewing Down On Us
Drinking Down The Foaming Innards We Are Turned To Pus

Get These Maggots Off Me

The Grim And Inexorable Task Consummated By Scores
Gnawing Down The Meat And Coming Back For More
All The Muscle And Sinew Gone To The Head They Bore
Gulping Down The Rotted Heart Bathed In Human Gore

Ravenous, Insatiable Ardent And Voracious
Rapacious, Barbarous Eager And Narcissistic
Zealous, Thirsty Fervent And Vehement
Pukish, Abhorrent Sickening And Repulsive

# Split w/ MUTILATED MESSIAH (2007) #