This God Forsaken Structure
Built On Hallowed Ground
Stood All By Its Lonesome
In The Sketchy Part Of Town
Agony And Torment
To All Who Entered There
A Place Believed By Many
To Be The Devils Lair

For Decades The House Had Been Vacant
Of Any Mortals Occupancy
But There Was An Undeniable Presence
Of Paranormal Activity

The Wretched Souls God Had Abandon
Had Begun To Manifest Themselves
A Twisted Spirituality
Into The Dark Depths They Will Delve

A Wicked Hellish Force
Shakes The Very Ground
Walls Crack And Timbers Burn
To Bring The Structure Down
A Dark Spirit Has Tried
To Us Communicate
No Christianity
Can Close Hells Gate

Some Will Say Its Not A True Haunting
The Terror Can Be Seen In Their Eyes
Apparitions Remain In The Air
Even Though The Living Have Died

# Angelic Dread (2014) #