I Am Death

I Am Death Death Is Me
Killing People And Setting Them Free
Destroying Your Soul And Burning Your Flesh
Crushing My Enemies I Challenge The Best

Born Of Hell And Sworn To Hate
They Kept Me Locked In A Cage
Now I Am Free And Know What To Do
Slaughter The Children I'm Coming For You

Spreading Death Eternal Hate
Reach Form The Grave Sin Seals Your Fate

Pledge Of Lies Screams Of Fear
Felling Of Hell Your Death Is Near
Now I Drink The Blood From Your Veins
Infectious Disease Drives Me Insane

Seeing You Die Watching Your Death
I Worship Sin And Rip Your Flesh
Death Is Coming Or So It Seems
Rape Your Mind Torture Your Dreams

You Are Screaming No One Hears
I Am Created By All Your Fears

# Ritual Of Darkness (1987) #