From The Sea

The Malevolent Waves Rush Towards The Alluring Shore
The Beguiling Shore Is Rough With Ecru Sand
The Granules Of Sand Cover The Pathway Of Rock
The Rocks Are Hurled Into The Caustic Air
And The Mordant Air Is Plagued With Turbid Smoke
The Smoke Bellows Toward An Unknowing Coast
As The Coast Transforms The Unhallowed Hill
This Hill That Has Delivered An Atrocious Beast

And The Beast Shall Rise
From The Sea

I Have Seen The Day When This Fiend Will Come
He Will Kill And Slay All Of Mankind

You Tried To Stop Him There You Tried To Stop Him Here
But In The End You Will All Fucking Die

Dragon Stood On The Shore Of The Sea
I Saw A Beast Coming After Me
The Beast Takes Shape Before My Eyes
I Shirk His Grimace Hope I Will Not Die
He Has Ten Horns And Seven Heads Is What I See
Like A Leopard With Lion's Mouth And A Bear's Feet
Upon His Heads Was Written Blasphemy
On The Sand I Saw The Beast Rise From The Sea

# Fuck The God In Heaven (2006) #