Free From Christ

Towards Heavens Gate You Gaze, At The Bastard In The Sky
Contemplate The Reasons Why We All Must Die
Your Mortal Life Is Filled With Misery
Hear The Voice Of Hell And Let Satan Set You Free

You Are Free From Christ - Now Is The Time Of 93

Yaldaboth, We Fucks Your God And Faith
A Carnal Deity, The Likes No Man Can Scathe
Rejecting Christ And Other False Wretched Idols
Aberrant Demiurge Sets A Flame Your Holy Bible

You Are Free From Christ - Do What Thou Wilt
You Are Free From Christ - Shall Be The Whole Of The Law

Upon The Earth And Under The Sky
On Dry Land And In The Water
Of Whirling Air, And Of Rushing Fire
And Every Spell And Scourge Of God May Be Obedient Unto Me

Castigate The Cardinal, Deacon And Priest
Tear Down The Cross, Once Begun You Cannot Cease
Unleash The Chains That Religion Has Put In Place
Revel In The Will Of Man, Christ He Is Disgraced

You Are Free From Christ
You Are Free From Christ

Liber Al Vel Legis

# Split w/ BLOOD (2022) #