Death By The Dead

Blood Clots - Limbs Rot
Body Decays To Slime
Hate Grows - Dead Know
When It's Feeding Time
Hunger Here - Eternal Fear
The Dead Begin To Rise
Harder Crust - Brains To Dust
The Living Begin To Die

Death By The Dead
They Rise To Eat
Death By The Dead
Living Flesh Feast

Tombs Fall, Night Calls,
The Dead Begin To Walk
The Dead Eat Raw Meat
Feasting Dead Are Back
Chew Skin, Drink Blood,
Rip Apart Your Face
Gnaw Bone, Gouge Eyes,
Destroy The Living Race
Tear Flesh From Head
Eyes With No Sight
The Dead With Strength
Power & Might
All Bleeding And Sick
The Living Can't Be Saved
The Dead Drag Guts
They Return To The Grave

# The Rotting Christ (1989) #