All Of The Dead

I Will Command
The Corpse In The Earth
Break Through The Crust
Tombstones Fall
Sinister Plan
Desecrate The Holy Graves
Eradicate The Pest
Known As The Christian Faith

All Of The Dead Will Be My Army
The People Wearing A Cross Shall Be Cut Down
Razing The Vatican
And Dismantling The Holy Crown

To Expunge The Disease
Called The Catholic Church
We Immolate The Tabernacle
Containing The Wine Of The Eucharist
A Pantheon Of Deceit
To Be Ultimately Crushed
A Vigorous Cleansing
Turning Catholics Into Dust

All Of The Dead Will Be My Fucking Army
The Fucking People Wearing The Cross Will Be Cut Down
Razing The Fucking Vatican
And Dismantling, Dismantling The Holy Fucking Crown

# Burn The Cross (2004) #