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..:Split w/ NEKROFILTH:..
Defacing Holy Icons / Throne Of Sluts


MLP Weird Splatter Vinyl, Limited Edition.

- DATE -

June 26th, 2011.


Hells Headbangers Records.


Side A:

"Defacing Holy Icons"

02-Boundless Fire.
03-Defacing Holy Icons.
04-'neath The Oak.

Side B:

"Throne Of Sluts"

01-Sewer Rat.
02-Take Them To The Grave.
03-Shoot Up Piss.
04-Lifeless Head Of God.
05-Shit Woman.
06-Throne Of Sluts.

- NOTE -

First 111 copies on picture disc vinyl w/ cover & insert. All other copies on weird splatter vinyl.
All new studio material from both bands, you won't find these songs on any of their other releases!
NunSlaughter with their well-known brand of Devil Metal Death and Nekrofilth with their sleazy Death Metal scum punk. Comes with a lyrics sheet.

..:Differents Formats:..

June 26th, 2011MLP 111Picture Disc
"Hells Headbangers Records"
June 26th, 2011MLP #Weird Splatter
"Hells Headbangers Records"
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