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..:Raped By HungariaNuns:..
(Budapest 2009/03/16)


Double LP Black, Test Pressing. Limited Edition to 05 Copies. #004/005.

- DATE -

June, 2011.


NunSlaughter Records.


Side A:

01-I Am Death.
02-I Hate Christians.
03-In The Graveyard.
04-Midnight Mass.
05-She Lives By Night.
06-Emperor In Hell.
07-My Evil Concubine.
08-Killed By The Cross.

Side B:

01-Sacrificial Zombie.
02-Cryptic Aeon.
03-Church Of Disgust.
05-Raid The Convent.
06-Power Of Darkness.
07-Black Horn Of The Ram.

Side C:

01-Smell The Burning Churches.
02-Satanic Slut.
03-Devil Metal.
04-Altar Of The Dead.
05-Church Bizarre.

Side D:

"no track".

- NOTE -

Thank You Very Much @ Don Of The Dead for this copy.

..:Differents Formats:..

January 31st, 2011Tapes 122Regular
"Stygian Shadows Productions"
February 05th, 2011Tapes 044Die Hard
"Stygian Shadows Productions"
June, 2011Dble LP 005Black, Test Pressing
"NunSlaughter Records"
July, 2011Dble LP 150Green & Red
"NunSlaughter Records"
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