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..:Old Goats Dont Die:..


7EP Lathe Cut w/ Black Cover + Poster, Limited Edition to 30 Copies. #029/030.

- DATE -

May, 2016.


Hoth Records.


Side A:

01-The Crowned And Conquering Hag.
02-You Bleed.
03-Sacrificial Zombie.

Side B:

01-I Saw Your God Die.
02-Burning Away.
03-If The Dead Could Speak / Devil Metal.

- NOTE -

Rehearsal October 11th, 2002.

..:Differents Formats:..

May, 20167EP 30Lathe Cut w/ Black Cover + Poster
"Hoth Records"
May, 20167EP 30Lathe Cut w/ Red Cover + Poster
"Hoth Records"
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